Magician Illusions by Vick

Imaginations Engaged, Hearts Touched and Funny Bones Tickled

23+ Years and over 4,200 Performances

Enter a world where nothing is impossible and the seemingly ordinary becomes the incredible.

Be Amazed by Beautiful, Original Illusions, Astounding feats of Mentalism

and Engaging Classics of Magic


Share smiles and magic in an interactive and wondrous entertainment experience.


Crafted specially for your event by Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia's Magician

Sharing something amazing today and helping create great memories to last a lifetime

Adult and all age shows available


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A small sample of Illusions by Vick happy clients include...



"Dinner", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", "Pokerface", "Hearts", "Speechless" & "Floating Butterflies"

...along with other intriguing and astonishing performance pieces.

Including engaging classics of magic, amazing feats of mentalism plus a few surprises.

CBS Local Rates Illusions by Vick a Top 5 Magician

Since 2010 National Talent Agency Gigmasters and the website Thumbtack ranks Illusions by Vick the Top Magician in MD, DC, VA & PA out of over 400 acts they represent!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Performance, what to expect?

    Fun, amazement, laughs, smiles and a personal touch.  A unique entertainment experience.


    Illusions by Vick asks questions about the event, the organization and/or guest of honor to personalize the performance.


    The performance features a charming mix of creative wonders including amazing, beautiful, fun, and unusual magical effects acquired through a journey of 19 years. Original magic, mentalism, comedy, classical magic, and a few surprises. Definitely not your stereotypical magician.


     A bottle of wine (or similar shaped bottle) may be magically produced and presented to an adult audience member during the show.

  • How much space and what equipment is required for the performance?

    Illusions by Vick is a self-contained entertainment solution. Illusions by Vick provides everything required for the performance including tables and PA system. An area 6 feet square (2 meters) is requested to set up in and perform from if a stage or platform is not available. If space is limited an area 4 feet wide and two feet deep is fine. Please feel free to use the contact form, email or call and we can discuss your specific needs. Not to jinx it but after 19 years I?ve performed in just about every situation you can imagine. Please contact for technical information on large stage performances.

  • What type of events does Illusions by Vick perform for?

    Celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries, corporate events, holiday parties, fund raisers, wedding receptions, banquets, proms and after prom parties, graduations, School and Library programs, client appreciation events, award ceremonies, Blue and Gold Banquets, retirement parties, First year Celebrations, fairs and festivals, product launches, trade shows, hospitality suites, team building events, retirement communities, family reunions and as Professor Snape for Harry Potter theme parties. Where ever fun, unique and amazing entertainment is desired.

  • How far is advance should we book a performance?

    As far in advance as possible. This is even more crucial in October and December. I suggest at least 2 months in advance. Even if the date you have in mind is booked on the calendar please contact me as I often have the pleasure to perform 3 times a day. If Illusions by Vick is not available a select few very talented performers will be recommended to you. Am here to help in any I can.

  • How long is the performance?

    Illusions by Vick performances usually run 45 to 50 minutes. The length of the performance may be changed to fit your particular event.

  • What types of magic does Illusions by Vick perform?

    Illusions by Vick specializes in stand up or parlor magic, where guests all gather together to enjoy the performance. Parlor magic is perfect for audiences numbering between 5 and 250 guests.


    Parlor magic allows for a wider variety of amazing magical effects while maintaining intimacy with the audience and provides an excellent shared entertainment experience.


    Illusions by Vick also performs in a variety of styles including stage, platform and close up magic. Please contact for additional information.

  • Does Illusions by Vick perform for children?

    Illusions by Vick may perform for children 6 to 7 years and age and older (or if your child has started reading). If your child has an above average intellect, has a healthy curiosity, enjoys reading, likes adventures, having fun and you?re looking for something other than the typical kiddy children?s performer, Illusions by Vick can be a great fit for your child?s celebration. The primary concern is you having the best entertainment experience possible. Illusions by Vick might not be the right fit for your event today but in a few years Illusions by Vick may be. Please feel free to use the contact form, email or call and I?m glad to speak with you. If Illusions by Vick is not the right fit you will be given referrals to very good children?s entertainers. Illusions by Vick performs for First Year Celebrations.



  • Where or when can we see Illusions by Vick perform?

    Many of the performances Illusions by Vick shares are for private events. Please check the schedule for public performances. If you follow Illusions by Vick's Facebook page public shows are announced.  At this time Illusions by Vick does not have a resident show but that is subject to change.

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Magician Illusions by Vick performances may result in wonder and astonishment, enthrall your imagination and cause an engaging smile to play around your lips.

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast"

The White Queen to Alice From "Through the Looking Glass"


"..when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Sherlock Holmes as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


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